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CALRoads View Version 6.5
  • Import / Export ETS Patterns Data from Excel
  • Import / Export Background Concentration Data from Excel
  • New Map Server – Lakes Satellite
  • Open Street Map Optimization
  • Revised Layout of CAL3QHCR Met Options Window
  • Save Graphical Options to a Layout
  • Quality Selector for Printing and Exporting Tile Maps Imagery
  • Hide All/Show All Layers Buttons in Overlays Tab
  • New Time Series Graph Display
  • Uniform Petal Size
  • Maximum Value Decimal Places
  • CALINE4 Contour Display with Large Background Concentrations
  • Importing Links from Excel
  • Exporting Colored Contour Lines to Google Earth
  • Export Failure for Specific Link IDs
  • Updated Column Headers
  • Incomplete/Missing Hours Adjusted to Date & Time Period
CALPUFF View Version 8.6
  • New Map Server – Lakes Satellite
  • Open Street Map Optimization
  • Clarifications Applied to User-Specified Options
  • Support for New EPA-Approved Models
  • Order Met Data Button Added
  • Updated Map Server List
  • Emissions Scaling by Temperature with Version 7 Model
  • Selection of CALPOST Model Versions
  • Auto-Download of Terrain Data Modified
  • Keep Temporary DEM Files
  • WGS-G Datum Added
  • Renaming of Source Types
  • Line-Volume, Line-Area, and Road Source Options
  • Haul Roads Calculator
  • Road Source Included in Excel Template
  • Updated Volume Source Display
  • Option to Replace Species
  • New NO2/NOx CALPOST Options
  • Date and Time Columns added to Percentile Plotfiles
  • New Report – Percentile Results Summary
  • Export of Puff Tracking To Google Earth for Model Version 7
  • Plot Files with the Same Results Value for all Receptors
  • Improved Routines to Import Sources from an AERMOD View Generated Excel File
  • CALPOST Scaling Factor
  • Coastline File Support for Non-UTM Projections
  • And more...
AERMOD View Version 9.6.5
  • Updated Dispersion Options
  • New ALPHA Model Keyword
  • New Low Wind Options
  • Default Seasonal Categories
  • Removal of NO2 Ambient Ratio Method (ARM)
  • Emissions Units for Odor
  • Updated PSD Groups Header
  • RiskGen Files Included
  • Variable Emissions Scenario Check
  • Upper Air Estimator
  • New KML Export Objects
  • Background Ozone Data Import
  • Imported Plant Boundary Display
  • Terrain Elevations and Hill Heights for Imported Polar Grids
  • Display Data Options Only Shows Relevant Groups
  • Variable Emissions Updated
  • Zoom to Overlay for Single Point Source
  • Updated ADMS UK to SAMSON Converter
  • Export to Excel
AquiferTest 9.0
  • 64-Bit Application
  • 4K Monitor Support
  • Predictive Pumping Tests
  • Slug Test Analysis
  • Automated Surfer Scripting
  • Analyze test data from pumping tests, slug tests and Lugeon tests
  • Seamless integration with pumping test instrumentation including Diver dataloggers and Level Loggers
  • Diagnostic plots and derivative analysis for identifying aquifer conditions from test data
  • Automatic type curve matching
  • Simplified contour plots and streamlines of drawdown solutions
  • Predictive water table drawdown at planned well locations
  • Customizable professional-quality analysis reports
  • Advanced pre-processing tools for barometric compensation and trend correction
  • Colour contouring and color shading
Visual MODFLOW Flex 6.0
  • MODFLOW-USG Workflow Enhancements
  • Particle Tracking
  • ZoneBudget Improvements
  • Packages, Properties, and Boundary Conditions
  • Other Enhancements
  • Expanded Simulation Capabilities
  • Precise Cell Assignment and Editing
  • Enhanced Pumping Wells Management
  • Improved Pumping Well Visualization
  • Flexible Handling of Time Series Data
  • Flexible Particle Tracking Options
  • Support for MODFLOW-NWT
  • Start Menu with Search within Origin
  • Data Highlighting
  • Plot Highlighting
  • Data Point Tooltip
  • Conditional Formatting for Worksheets
  • New Workbook Dialog
  • Column List View
  • Handling of Empty Worksheet Cells
  • Graph Maker App
  • New Graph Types
  • Stats Advisor App
  • Origin Central Startup Dialog.
  • New Plot Menu with Large Icons.
Borehole Camera

The GeoVISIONTM Dual-Scan camera is Allegheny Instruments most advanced camera ever. It has three independently controlled banks of high intensity LED lights and the ability to rotate more than 360°. The Dual-Scan's state of the art video modules provide unparalleled video images in bores as small as 1-1/2" (4 cm) in diameter and up to 2,000 feet (600 meters) deep.The Dual-Scan camera is actually two cameras in one. One camera continually looks down while the second camera scans the bore wall. The two cameras can be rotated from the surface using a joystick; this feature provides an uninterrupted 360° pan of both cameras simultaneously.The Dual-Scan camera has standard NTSC resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Illumination is provided by three banks of high intensity white LEDs which can be turned on or off from the surface. The Dual-Scan camera is rated for use up to 1,000 psi and can be used with the Deluxe winch.


HYDRUS is a software package for simulating water, heat, and solute movement in two- and three-dimensional variably saturated media. The software package consists of a computational computer program and an interactive graphics-based user interface. HYDRUS is a Microsoft Windows based modeling environment for the analysis of water flow and solute transport in variably saturated porous media. Almost 50% of the World's top 100 universities 2014 use HYDRUS for research or teaching purposes.

HYDRUS 3D Layered Domain
Hydro GeoAnalyst 8.0
  • Online Sharing.
  • Event Planner.
  • User Manager.
  • Well Profile.
  • Usability and Other Enhancements.
  • Streamlined Field Planning.
  • Integrated Data Analysis & Visualization.
  • Flexible Reporting.
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