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AQMIS Cloud™

Air Quality Management Information System

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The Air Quality Management Information System (AQMIS) is a proven state-of-the-science cloud solution for emissions management and air quality. Used by regulatory agencies, governments and facilities around the world, AQMIS allows you to manage emissions from thousands of sources, run models, issue permits, forecast air quality impacts and much more, all through your web browser.

Key Advantages

The many key advantages of using AQMIS Cloud for your agency, government or facility include:

  • The ability to manage and track hundreds of pollutants and thousands of air emission sources
  • Fully integrated GIS-based map displays
  • Configurable dashboards to provide data overviews for pollutant emissions, ambient monitoring data, and key performance indicators
  • Integrated air dispersion modeling for widely-used models such as AERMOD, CALPUFF, SCICHEM, CAMX, CMAQ, WRF-CHEM
  • Integrated emission calculation tools such as U.S. EPA AP-42
  • Powerful modules for managing permitting submissions and approvals
  • A built-in document management system
  • An extensive collection of pre-configured reporting templates, and support for customized reports
  • The ability to store and manage data in a cloud environment without the need for costly investments in servers and server maintenance
  • A system configuration allowing for a public-facing portal in combination with internal modules restricted for use by the agency or facility

Key User Benefits

Lakes Environmental Software is pleased to announce a complete regulatory Air Quality Management Information System - AQMIS - for your regulatory agency.

  1. Emission Inventory Development - Criteria, Toxics, and GHGs
  2. Emissions Inventory Reporting:
    • Inventory Reporting - NEI
    • Air Toxics Reporting – TRI and NATA
    • GHG Reporting – Part 98
  3. Air Dispersion Modeling (SIP, NSR, PSD)
  4. Ambient Monitoring Management with dashboards
  5. Permit Management
  6. Compliance and Enforcement
  7. Human Health Risk Assessment
  8. Automation and scalable cloud computing significantly increases staff productivity
  9. Customization makes it easy to standardize agency workflows and procedures
  10. Regulated community to securely submit inventory data online
  11. Intuitive software makes it easy for new staff to learn
  12. Highly customizable to accommodate any emission calculation method or CEMS data
  13. Complete complex air quality studies in a fraction of the time of traditional methods
  14. Expedite achievement of state and federal strategic goals and initiatives
  15. CROMMER compliance ensures successful electronic submittal to EPAs NEI

Main Features and Competitive Advantages

AQMIS Cloud is a proven cloud solution used by numerous governments and regulatory agencies.

  1. AQMIS is an existing and real-world proven cloud situation used by numerous governments and regulatory agencies
  2. Integration of all Air Quality requirements in a proven unified web solution including:
    • Emissions Inventory
    • Ambient Air Monitoring Network
    • Air Quality Forecasting
    • Urban models accounting for traffic, commercial and industrial emitters
    • Automated Photochemical modeling
    • Detailed comparison of model versus monitored
    • Processing, validation, map visualization, dashboards, and reporting
  3. Complete localized control of the whole process including hardware and software:
    • Photochemical models, CMAQ or WRF-CHEM, run on Windows eliminating the need to maintain complex Linux servers
    • AQMIS will be locally deployed and maintained in secure data centers under direct buyer control, thereby significantly increasing security and system sustainability
    • Extensive use of dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to support managers
  4. Emission Inventory Development - Criteria, Toxics, and GHGs
    • Fastest emissions inventory development possible by eliminating onerous spreadsheets and dysfunctional scripts
    • AQMIS includes IPCC GHG emissions estimations, AP-42, EIIP, and other toxic emissions estimation methods
    • Easily define custom emission calculation methods using equation builder
    • Comprehensive Mobile source emissions estimations
  5. Electronic Emissions Inventory Reporting:
    • Country-wide Inventory Reporting
    • Criterial Pollutant Reporting
    • Air Toxics Reporting
    • GHG Reporting
  6. Air Dispersion Modeling
    • Complete complex air quality studies in a fraction of the time of traditional methods
    • Emissions inventory easily transferred to AERMOD, CALPUFF, CMAQ, and WRF-CHEM
    • Integration between MOVES2014 for mobile sources and AERMOD
  7. Ambient Monitoring Management with extensive dashboards
  8. Air Quality Permit Management
  9. Compliance and Enforcement
  10. Human Health Risk Assessment