Baro-Diver (Groundwater Datalogger)

Diver dataloggers are cost effective and reliable instruments to provide long term, frequent measurements of water levels, temperature, and conductivity. Divers are ideal for monitoring municipal water supplies, salt water intrusion, brine storage and migration, and environmental monitoring of contamination and remediation projects.

All Divers have a 3 year warranty, up to 10 years battery life and can be used from 300 m below to 5000 m above sea level.

  • Ideal for accurate barometric compensation
Pressure Transducer for Barometric Compensation
  • Compact size: ø 22 mm - length 90 mm
  • 24,000 records of time stamp, atmospheric pressure and temperature
  • 30-Point Pressure Factory Calibration
  • Corrosion-proof ceramic pressure sensor
  • Easy installation in almost every well
  • Cost effective frequent, long-term measuring
  • Reliable and accurate data
  • Low maintenance, No user calibration
  • Barometric compensation
  • Groundwater monitoring projects
  • Monitoring of shallow waters
  • Estuary and wetlands monitoring
  • Aquifer storage and recovery
Quick specifications


Model DI500 Unit
Range 1.5 Meter
Accuracy ± 0.5 cmH2O
Resolution 0.1 cmH2O


Value Unit
Range -20 .. +80 ° C
Accuracy ± 0.1 ° C
Resolution 0.01 ° C