Borehole Camera System

GeoVISION borehole Camera systems are the most versatile in the world. Each system can be configured to meet many different field situations.

The total range may not apply to every system or camera and interchanging cameras may be required to accomplish some of these specifications.


Features Minimum Minimum Maximum Maximum
English Metric English Metric
Camera Diameter 3/4 inch 19 mm 1 3/4 inch 44.45mm
Depth - Cable length 325 feet 100 m 2000 feet 600m



DVD Recorder


Marks Products, Inc. designs, manufactures, and retails GeoVISION

The least expensive most cost effective professional quality borehole, shaft, and water well video camera systems available anywhere:

  • Underwater camera video systems for viewing water wells, tanks, shafts, caissons, and vertical and horizontal boreholes
  • Finding ground water pollution and ground water contamination inflows into wells
  • Inspection camera systems for geophysical exploration, geophysical logging, and water well inspection
  • Inspection cameras for various industrial manufacturing situations
  • Cameras for search and rescue assistance
  • Salvage dive inspection camera work
  • Durable - Portable - Versatile - Cost Effective
  • Maneuverable and small cameras with high quality picture resolution borehole and water well video camera systems
  • Engineered for elegant simplicity

High Quality Workmanship and Components

GeoVISION stainless steel cameras have sapphire lens window covers in order to provide the ultimate in durability, scratch resistance and protection from breakage. GeoVISION Jr cameras use precision multi-coated lens and glass lens windows to provide excellent protection from breakage and scratch resistance. These and other features give GeoVISION cameras high quality images. If components are ever damaged, they can be repaired or replaced. The GeoVISION Deluxe systems and Heavy Duty Econo system have strong and durable metal winches.

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