Soil moisture measuring system with SM300 sensor
When it comes to accurate, affordable soil moisture measurement, the new soil moisture sensor SM300 (art. no. 14.24.07) is in a class of its own. Achieving +/- 3% accuracy (with soil specific calibration), this soil moisture sensor can handle both research and irrigation applications.
Soil moisture measuring system with SM300 sensor
Measuring range
Measuring range of the sensor is 0-50 %vol. In the past, choosing a low cost soil moisture sensor meant scarifying stability and accuracy. With the soil moisture sensor SM300 you can have excellent temperature stability, low salinity sensitivity and accurate volumetric water content data.
This soil moisture sensor offers an excellent alternative when costs have to be kept down. The soil moisture meter supplied with the Thetaprobe system can also be used for measurements with the SM300 sensor. The sensor can also be connected to a datalogger for continuous monitoring applications
Benefits Soil moisture measuring system with SM300 sensor
  • Scientific accuracy
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Can be used in saline soils
  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • Easy to use

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