The e+ WATER L (Level) sensor is an intelligent and accurate sensor for the measurement and registration of the levels and temperatures of surface water. The level measurement values are automatically (internal) compensated for variations in air pressure and water density variations due to temperature fluctuations. The sensor is frost resistant and can be applied in all seasons without any problems.
e+ WATER L properties
  • Measures and records the level (0..200 cm) and temperature (–20..80 °C) of surface water.
  • Constructed with very stable and accurate sensor that enables long-term uninterrupted measurements to be made in the field.
  • Direct internal compensation for temperature-related variations in air pressure and water density, explicitly developed for taking measurements of surface water.
  • The user determines the measurement frequency.
  • The sensor is resistant to freezing and therefore can be used in outdoor set-ups problem-free throughout the year.
  • The sensor will not be damaged if submerged approx. 2.5 m during max. one month, 5 m during max. 1 week: due to Goretex membrane).
  • Can be used as a stand-alone sensor or with a Global Data Transmitter Single (telemetry).
  • If required, gives an alarm when limit values are passed, for both the 'level' and 'temperature' parameters.
  • It is possible using a Global Data Transmitter Single to link an e+ WATER L to other SCADA or software systems.
  • Can optionally be installed using a robust and functional installation system that can be easily combined with existing level measuring systems.
  • Has a CE mark, meets all EMC directives.
Reading out e+ WATER L
The e+ WATER L sensor can be configured and read in various ways:
  • Using a universal readout unit; this readout unit is used when it is possible for the e+® sensor to be in the immediate vicinity of a PC (laptop).
  • Via a data communication cable, available in various lengths up to maximum 200 metres.
  • Using a Global Data Transmitter Single (or Multiple).
  • Please note: the e+ WATER L (and the optional installation system) are primarily suited for use in fresh water.
  • Measuring range level: Depending on type from 0 - 50 till 0 - 200 cm water column
  • Accuracy level: +/- 0.5 cm
  • Resolution level: 0.1 cm
  • Measuring range temperature: -20...+80 °C
  • Accuracy temperature: +/- 0.5 °C
  • Resolution temperature: 0.01 °C
The e+ WATER L is available in various lengths (art. no. 11.41.53, length 50 cm; 11.41.54, length 100 cm; 11.41.55, length 150 cm and 11.41.56, length 200 cm)

Benefits e+ WATER L
  • All-in one water level logger
  • Lengths up to 2.00 m available
  • Vented; no influence of varying air pressures
  • Smart air vent allows flooding
  • Can be read on site, in-situ or at the office PC
  • Ideal for canals, lakes, shallow wells
Technical Specifications
Alarm type high-low alarm, fluctuation alarm, low battery alarm
Battery life time 6 years
Data storage capacity 30000
Diameter (D) and /or size (L*W*H) D 22 x 830 mm
Maximum operating temperature 80 °
Measured parameters temperature and pressure
Measuring range 0...50 cm and -20...+80 °C
Minimum operating temperature -20 °
Number of channels 2
Power supply battery
Product material stainless steel, other material
Programming possibility Yes
Registration type logging
Package size 97 x 10 x 9 cm
Water tight connection: yes
Weight 1.3 kg

  • Geohydrological research
  • Water quantity research
  • Monitoring water quantity
  • Datalogging