Water Management Tools
InfoMaster WMS (Work Management System)

Comprehensive ArcGIS-Centric Work Order and Inspection Management Software

Maintaining water, sewer and stormwater assets in fit-for-purpose condition throughout their economic lifespans is a primary goal for utilities worldwide. Fully integrated with ArcGIS, InfoMaster WMS (Work Management System) provides a powerful integrated asset management and work order and inspection solution to strategically manage all utility infrastructure assets, minimize service disruption and environmental damage, enhance customer service and operational efficiency, improve worker safety and productivity, achieve regulatory compliance, and ensure that these systems operate well into the future at maximum cost savings. It provides utilities the mission-critical link between advanced network modeling and analytics, risk and condition assessments, data collection and field operations.


InfoMaster WMS lets water and wastewater utilities manage their work orders and inspections business processes with more automation and less paper. A complete ArcGIS-centric CMMS solution, it saves enterprises valuable time and money by better organizing, planning and proactively managing all maintenance activities. By managing the entire lifecycle of work orders and inspections, utilities can now effectively optimize field service and repair and maintenance operations for their water, wastewater and stormwater systems, and dispatch work orders quickly and efficiently.

Specifically designed for ease of use, InfoMaster WMS lets users effectively manage service requests, work orders, field inspections and maintenance of utility infrastructure assets. They can easily maintain a complete asset inventory, including field inspections and condition assessments; efficiently manage, dispatch and track work progress; automate preventative maintenance schedules and maximize efficiency with work order templates; prolong the economic life of infrastructure assets; and minimize their total costs of ownership.

Designed to streamline all work orders and inspections business processes, InfoMaster WMS consolidates all activities in two main easy-to-navigate workflows. A datasheet-style input screens (Work Collector) for streamlined and confident review and data entry, and a calendar-based work organizer (Work Planner) facilitates clear communication, optimum scheduling, and easy adjustments on the fly. Users can now instantly visualize work to be done and in progress, and easily create customized datasheets to enhance any facility maintenance activities and improve productivity. The software supports all service request, inspection, reminder, and work order processes, take the guesswork out of efficient scheduling, and allows users to leverage their existing investments in GIS and Innovyze technology.

The Work Collector lets users manage all their customized data collection forms. It allows users to:
  • Design their customized data input forms by dragging and dropping data fields
  • Hide unnecessary fields and change field texts to simplify the interface
  • Create logical grouping based on selected work flow
  • Support 10 different input styles such as combo box, radio button, check box, etc. to simplify data input and avoid data error
  • Predefine commonly used values for combo box and radio button
  • Support multiple design templates for each maintenance type
  • The Work Planner is a calendar-based tool to visually schedule work orders and inspections. Users can:
  • Display Work Order and Inspection in an MS Outlook like calendar
  • Color code Work Order and Inspection by their status (New, Active, On Hold, Finished or Canceled)
  • Highlight overdue Work Order and Inspection
  • Schedule Work Order and Inspection ahead of time (reminders are automatically prompted with different icons)
  • Support recurring schedules (in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly patterns)
  • Examine daily schedule in detail, or switch to broader weekly or monthly view
  • Support project management in an intuitive calendar view.

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