The Sensetion is a smart & simple to use soil moisture sensor with a mobile app. The Sensetion is equipped with intelligent sensor technology and easy to install. The soil moisture is measured in a layer of 25 cm. The measured data is collected and sent by means of an integrated GPRS data logger. A solar panel provides the necessary energy. Together with the Sensetion app you will have access to an optimal irrigation advice on your smartphone anytime and anywhere.
Why the Sensetion?
  • Easy - actual soil moisture status of 1 of your fields available anytime and anywhere
  • Cost saving - optimal irrigation advice easily pays back the Sensetion costs
  • Profit - yield optimalisation by growing more and qualitative crops
  • Yield optimalisation in the palm of your hand
  • Smart integrated system
  • Simple irrigation advice
  • Easy installation
  • Including 3 years data and software subscription
Functional Specifications
  • Height 141 cm
  • Measuring range 25 cm
  • Measuring depth 30 cm
  • Integrated screw point
  • Integrated data logger
  • Including solar panel
  • Communication through GPRS quad-band modem and SIM card
Technical Specifications

Data storage capacity Max. 1000 values
Data transfer telemetric
Diameter (D) and /or size (L*W*H) 141 x 10.4 x 11.3 cm
International Protection Rating 67
Maximum operating temperature 75 °
Measured parameters Vol. % soil moisture
Measuring range 0...100 vol.%
Minimum operating temperature -15 °
Power supply battery, solar power
Product material PVC, other material
Programming possibility Yes
Registration type digital, logging
Voltage 2 volt
Weight 1,37 kg
  • Irrigation research
  • Soil moisture measurements