Smart lysimeter moisture controlled set

Evapotranspiration, the biggest cause of water loss on earth

We can see rain and snow, but we can’t see the biggest cause of water loss in almost every area on earth: evapotranspiration. Reliable data is lacking on this invisible water loss largely because evapotranspiration is so difficult to measure.

Accurate measurements of evapotranspiration can be obtained from advanced hydrometeorological equipment or from direct measurements of water content changes in the soil. The first type of measurements have as a disadvantage that the representative area of the measurement changes according to wind speed, wind direction and land use. This disadvantage does not count for direct measurements of soil moisture change. The most accurate way of measuring soil moisture content change is by weighing a representative undisturbed soil column with high frequency.

The biggest handy lysimeter in the world

The patented, high-quality, Eijkelkamp Smart Lysimeter provides these measurements, by using a (two-pronged) system of weighing cells to measure water content changes and sensors to mimic the surrounding soil water conditions in an isolated undisturbed soil column. In this way accurate data on the soil water content and water fluxes (including evapotranspiration and groundwater recharge) are obtained. By installing additional sensors, extra information can be gathered on vertical gradients of soil moisture, matric potential, temperature and electrical conductivity. The use of a telemetric system provides a high temporal sampling resolution.

It all starts with an in-depth installation

On-site installation of the Eijkelkamp Smart Lysimeter can be done by our experienced and skilled Technical Projects team. During installation the Eijkelkamp Lysimeter Installation Toolkit will be used to minimize disturbance of the surroundings.