Setting a new standard in measuring BOD/COD/TOC

The Eijkelkamp spectrometer sets a new standard in measuring biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) and total organic carbon (TOC). This in situ spectral analyser operates within the wavelength range 200 to 710 nm (UV/Vis) to determine various parameters in waste water simultaneously.

The result of a single measurement is an absorption spectrum over the entire wavelength range. In contrast to electrochemical sensors and multi-parameter measurements, a spectrometer is a very versatile instrument. It can be adjusted by calibration in a wide variety of applications. Ultrafiltration is not necessary, nor is sample preparation or cleaning the Eijkelkamp spectrometer. The operation of the device is possible over longer periods of time without maintenance. The measuring head of the Eijkelkamp spectrometer is made of V4A stainless steel and includes only the optics and the compressed air cleaning system. The control and evaluation electronics are installed in the associated sensor module. As a result, the spectrometer can be used in a high temperature range (up to 110°C) and is suitable for use in the medicine or food industry, as the measuring head can be sterilised at high temperatures.

What’s in the standard set?

  • GDT-Pro Control, measurement and control system

  • Power supply unit

  • Eijkelkamp spectrometer UV/Vis module
  • Graduated cylinder and spacer

  • PC software GDT-Pro Control

  • Spectral quality index (SQI) calibration (real-time verification for all your measurements)


  • Piston compressor (when no compressed air line is available)

  • Customer-specific parameter calibration of spectrometer

Waste water treatment plants

Parameters in waste water treatment plants that are observed continuously and in real time, make it possible to notice changes in concentrations and to react at once. The Eijkelkamp spectrometer is ideally suited for monitoring in different areas of treatment plants. The Eijkelkamp spectrometer can be installed in the influent, in the different basins and in the effluent of treatment plants. The measuring head can be installed directly into the flow or basins without the need for ultrafiltration.

The Eijkelkamp spectrometer features an adjustable measuring path length, by which no water becomes too dirty for measurement. Furthermore, the integrated automatic compressed air cleaning of the measuring path makes sure that the device can reach a very long operating lifetime and service intervals.

Areas of application


  • Process water control

  • Food industry

  • Aquaculture and fish farming


  • Sewage and purification plants

  • Drinking water monitoring

  • Process water optimisation

  • Fountain monitoring

  • Ground water management

Environmental protection

  • Surface water monitoring

  • Land reclamation

  • Landfill leachate monitoring

Research and science

  • Hydrologic and climatologic measurements on research vessels, buoys and gauging stations, etc.

Unique features of the Eijkelkamp Spectrometer system

  • Measuring path adjustment

  • Extremely high temperature durability

  • Cleaning of measuring path with compressed air
  • Very small dimensions of the sensor head

  • Salt water resistant

  • Up to 100 different parameters

  • No consumables

  • ATEX certification class III (optional class II)

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