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Strater 5

Strater displays your raw data as borehole and well logs, maps and cross sections. Strater offers unsurpassed flexibility in design and layout. Strater’s intuitive point-and-click user interface makes it easy to quickly visualize your subsurface data and create professional reports.

Strater is a powerful and innovative well log, borehole and cross section plotting software package for geoscientists. With its modern and easy-to-use user interface, Strater is so straightforward even a beginner can create high-quality professional representations of subsurface data in no time.

Strater is compatible with all popular data formats, and can graphically display the data in fourteen fully customizable log types. Maps and cross sections are just a click away. All aspects of your design are easily changeable by simply clicking on it and updating its properties. Batch print or export all your hole data, and save your project file to a template to make log creation efficient and consistent for future projects.




We want to make sure you can have all your information easily accessible in one project file. Strater projects are made up of views (borehole views, map views, and cross section views) and data tables. The graphical display in each of the views is based on the data loaded into the data tables. It’s as simple as that!

Borehole View

Strater offers unsurpassed flexibility in log design and layout. The advanced user interface makes designing and displaying your data easier than ever. Simply select the log type you want to create, click on the page where you want the log to be created, specify a data file and the import parameters, and the log is created. No other log plotting package in its class can create logs this easily.

Map View

Strater can create a map of your area, showing borehole locations and base map files. You can create a wells map, which posts a symbol at each borehole location. You can label the symbols, change the symbol properties of the individual boreholes, show the deviation paths for the boreholes, and add base maps.

Cross Section View

Automatically create true, full-color customizable cross sections! Cross sections can be created from your lithology or interval data by simply connecting boreholes in a map view and pressing a button. Subsurface visualization has never been this easy.

Log Types

Strater logs give you full control over all log parameters. You can accept the Strater defaults to automatically create a log, or select a log and easily customize the log features in the Property Manager.

Headers and Footers

Utilize the header and footer design areas to include comprehensive text descriptions, linked text, legends, imported image files, or drawing objects. You can set the header and footer areas to be any size you wish.

Data Tables

Quickly prepare your data with Strater’s spreadsheet-like data table features.

True Vertical Depth

Strater allows you the flexibility of displaying your data in measured depth or true vertical depth! Specify the inclination and azimuth information for your hole either in the collars table (a single set of values for the entire hole), in the data table with the actual hole data, or load a deviation survey into a survey table.

Voxler Interface

Quickly and easily visualize your borehole data in 3D with Voxler! Strater comes with built-in commands that will transfer the data from Strater and build the visualization automatically in Voxler.


It is faster to update a project with new data than to start from scratch. Using template files is an essential tool designed to make bulk log processing easy and efficient. Once a project file is designed, you can reuse the design by saving it as a template.


Schemes provide a way to load drawing properties based on a keyword or range value defined in the imported data. For example, a lithology log uses a lithology keyword scheme. The lithology keyword scheme contains keywords, such as granite, clay, etc.

View Manager

Use the View Manager to manage the different borehole views, cross section views, and map views contained in the project. Multiple views are useful for displaying multiple designs for multiple boreholes or displaying different layouts for the same data.

Object Manager

The Object Manager makes viewing and editing any object simple. It displays all the objects in the active view window, organized by their design areas, in an easy-to-use hierarchical tree arrangement. Select objects in the Object Manager to easily edit them in the Property Manager, or check and uncheck the check box to show or hide them.

Property Manager

The user-friendly Property Manager allows you to interactively edit any object's properties. Select any object and the Property Manager updates with the specific properties for that object. Once you make a change, you can see the effects of that change immediately in the borehole view – without having to click any OK or Apply buttons.


Print your borehole design, map or cross section to any Windows compatible printer or plotter. Choose between single-page and continuous printing. If the print contents exceeds the page size you are printing to, you can choose to truncate the design to the page size, fit the design to the page, or print the design tiled on multiple pages.

Additional Features

Strater is packed full of additional features designed to make your job faster and easier.

Supported File Formats

Strater supports many data and import/export formats.

What's New in Strater 5?

Strater 5 takes well log, borehole and cross section plotting to a new level in ease of use. Strater users will experience major improvements in every aspect of functionality to increase log production speed and quality. The major additions and changes are highlighted in this section.

  • Display deviated boreholes as inclined logs
  • Show deviation paths of wells in the map view
  • Set and change coordinate systems
  • Create cross sections from line logs
  • Create cross section layers manually
  • Export data to Voxler using new commands
  • Show the header and footer on specified pages
  • Draw unconformity lines
  • Add a horizontal scale bar to a cross section
  • Easier to use templates
  • Quick unit conversion
  • Set the Spacing of Multiple Objects
  • Set the Spacing Between Objects
  • Wrap Linked Text to Multiple Lines
  • Replicate Your Borehole View
  • Specify Inclination or Dip for Hole Angle
  • Additional Usability Enhancements

Display deviated boreholes as inclined logs in the cross section view

Display the logs in the cross section as inclined according to their deviation data!

Show deviation paths of wells in the map view

In most industries vertical boreholes are the stuff of legends. Strater 4 recognizes this and allows you to show the true path of your borehole in the map view.

Set and change coordinate system in the map view

It’s never been easier to add combine data from a multitude of sources to create the most informative maps possible. Now that Strater supports Golden Software’s full coordinate system library, you can mix and match data from different coordinate systems, giving you tremendous flexibility and times savings when creating your maps and displaying cross sections in the desired units!

Create cross sections from line logs

Don’t have lithology data for your boreholes? Not to worry! Strater 4 allows you to create a cross section from line logs. Add or import layer marks to indicate the layer picks, and then specify if they are the tops or bottoms of the layer.

Create cross section layers manually

If you’re not happy with the default cross section layers that Strater creates for you, delete them and easily and quickly create your own layers! Customize your cross sections using your years of experience to guide you.

Export data to Voxler using new commands

Compatibility with Voxler is now even better! Utilize the stunning 3D visualization of Voxler to show your well paths and volumes.

Show the header and footer only on specified pages

Pick your pages: only show the header or footer on the first page, last page, or on all pages in the view or when you print.

Draw unconformity lines to show an unconformable contact

Draw an unconformity between different lithologies in any view! You have complete control over the amplitude and wavelength of the waves.

Add a horizontal scale bar to a cross section

Add horizontal scale bars to your cross section, and change the display units!

Templates are easier to use!

Open a template and import the data for all tables immediately! When you click OK, the log is exactly what you need without spending extra time importing data into all the individual data tables.

Change the units in the cross section well header or the scale bar!

You have full control over the units displayed in the well header and scale bar in the cross section view. As long as the map has units defined, you can convert the units (even lat/long!) to any other units such as meters, feet, miles or kilometers to display on the cross section.

Set the Spacing of Multiple Objects

Do you want all your logs exactly next to each other? The space objects commands now work on more than 2 objects at a time!

Set the Spacing Between Objects

Set all your logs exactly the same width apart! No more painstaking math to calculate the position of each log, or inaccurate eyeball spacing!

Wrap Linked Text to Multiple Lines

Specify the width of a linked text object, and any text that exceeds that length is wrapped to the next line!

Replicate Your Borehole View

Creating an exact copy of a borehole view in your project is easy with the new view-only template! Previously, you could only save as a full template, complete with data tables and all views in the project. If you only wanted one view, you would need to delete all the extra information after the template was loaded. Now you can save only a single borehole view as a view-only template; no data tables, no extra views. Just save the view to the view template, open the view template, assign the existing data (or choose to import new data), and the copy is created!

Specify Inclination or Dip for Hole Angle

Specify the angle of the hole as either inclination or dip! Previously, you could only use inclination. Don’t modify your data to work with Strater, choose to let Strater handle your data as it is!

Additional Usability Enhancements

  • Set the Reference Datum in the borehole view to hang the view on mean sea level or a marker bed.
  • Format numeric text labels in complex text logs, zone bar logs, bar logs.
  • Group objects and logs together in the log pane.
  • Depth logs and scale bars can update the minimum and maximum values automatically, but you get to choose the interval of the major ticks.
  • Create text logs from depth data tables and the text is located at the depth specified.
  • View the XY units of a map in the status bar when you move the cursor over the map.
  • Open multiple data files into new data tables at once.
  • Import multiple data files into an existing data table at once.
  • Apply a mathematical function on the data in the data tables.
  • Format numeric linked text objects.
  • Set the width for all objects at once.
  • Import formats added:
    • JPEG2000 format
    • PDF and GeoPDF
    • XLSM
    • SEG-P1
  • Export formats added:
    • PNG/GIF with transparency
    • JPEG2000
    • All data tables to a multi-sheet XLSX format
System Requirements
  • Windows XP SP2 or higher, Vista, 7, 8 (excluding RT) or higher
  • 32-bit and 64-bit supported
  • 1024 x 768 or higher monitor resolution with 16-bit (or higher) color depth
  • At least 500 MB free hard disk space
  • At least 512 MB RAM minimum, 1 GB RAM recommended