Water Management Tools


Sustainable Drainage Planning and Design Software.

The world is realising that stormwater is a precious resource, not a waste product. XP Solutions wants to make you a leader in developing effective ways to manage stormwater.

Green Infrastructure is becoming the norm and those not including it in their designs will soon be lagging behind. With ever increasing project complexity combined with pressure to keep design costs down, it is important to consider multiple connected stormwater controls in one design and make visualizing them easy for clearly reviewable submissions.

xpdrainage is a sustainable drainage design package that can perform hydrological analysis on combined green and grey stormwater infrastructure from conceptual planning to detailed design for water quality and quantity analysis.

Applications for Residential Development and Sustainable Urban Design:

  • Simple 2D surface flow analysis for site layout.
  • On-site detention design.
  • Source Control for pollution and flows.
  • WSUD stormwater control systems.
  • Treatment Trains.
  • Green infrastructure design.
  • Catchment runoff modelling.

WHY xpdrainage?

Clear Visualisation of Design. Demonstrating system performance visually against live network data – clearly showing there is adequate space for stormwater controls on site and that the levels of your design are correct and work effectively – builds trust and confidence in results submissions. Traditional WSUD design using spreadsheets and hand calculations leave gaps that aren't visible until you are too far into the planning process. xpdrainage removes any guess work and allows you to see profile and plan views of your design to visualise how much space you are using and how your system is connected.

Simplified Workflow. An easy to use interface guides you through the design process with ribbon and toolbox options presenting a logical workflow, which helps to quickly move from beginner to advanced user. Built into the xpdrainage interface is its intuitive workflow navigation that guides the user through the design process, making it easy to pick up and learn. The software responds to your current action to present only valid and sensible options and guide you what to do next.

A Treatment Train Approach. Stormwater systems can be complex but they are often designed separately ignoring important effects of downstream water levels. Designing with connected stormwater controls saves time and avoids costly mistakes. Unlike traditional methods of WSUD design, xpdrainage allows stormwater management through a treatment train approach. Best Management Practices encourage the use of measures that include multiple stormwater controls in order to limit peak discharge and to address water quality concerns.

Use Natural Flowpaths. The "Deluge" feature provides a fast method of analysis for identifying overland flow patterns. This gives you the opportunity to bring stormwater management to the front of the design process by placing stormwater controls in locations that make the most sense and require the least amount of site excavation.

xpdrainage enables planners, engineers, developers and hydrologists to create advanced stormwater controls:

  • Smart Drainage - LID/WSUD/SuDS stormwater control systems

  • Layered filtration for bioretention/rain gardens

  • Full level outlet control with multiple devices

  • Graphical volume and flow results, as well as pollutant summaries and graphs

  • Full range of storms or import rainfall events from a variety of formats

  • Lateral inflows

  • Profile views

  • Swales with and without trenches

  • User defined facilities

  • Underdrains

  • Interception and evaporation

  • Multiple rainfall methodologies (SCS, ARR, FSR, FEH)

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