Water Management Tools


Drainage Design Software

Industry standard software for the water industry to detail design fully integrated stormwater and foulwater drainage systems.

Civil engineers enjoy the user friendly interface, interaction with third party CAD software and the ability to auto-design in accordance with local standards.

Editing a design is straightforward and the outputs help to ensure early acceptance by clients, approving authorities and contractors alike.

Quick, accurate and compliant design of foul and surface water networks.

  • Automatically size drainage networks

  • Produce one ready-to-approve model that complies with local regulations and standards

  • Include flow controls, infiltration systems and attenuation structures within one fully integrated hydraulic model

  • Test designs against extreme weather patterns and for climate change

  • Engineering design with unrivalled output of results, schedules, long sections as well as 3D entities for BIM compliance

WHY MicroDrainage?

Integrated Drainage Design. MicroDrainage integrates with third party software such as full AutoCAD® and Civil3D® to deliver maximum productivity, accuracy as well as flexibility to fit in with current design workflows.

Integrated Drainage Models. The completed drainage model can include all of the elements such as pipes, manholes, conduits, culverts, channels, flow controls, soakaways, attenuation and infiltration structures. 3D entities help to deliver BIM compliance (Building Information Modelling).

Sustainability. A fully integrated sustainable drainage system will help you to control the rainfall runoff and gain swift approval from the authorities.

Driving the Standards. MicroDrainage will auto-design the optimum surface water and foul water networks to satisfy local standards.  

Results Driven. Completing a compliant sustainable drainage design is only the beginning. Extracting results and providing the capability to illustrate them is fundamental. Outputs and reporting can be formatted to industry requirements to ensure results and outputs can be submitted to the authorities and clients with ease.

MicroDrainage enables engineers, developers, hydrologists and approving authorities to design and audit drainage systems

  • Surface water sewers

  • Foul water and combined drains

  • Integrated sustainable urban drainage systems including , culverts, attenuation and infiltration structures
  • Design stormwater and foul water systems graphically

  • MicroDrainage can embed within full AutoCAD®/Civil3D® to enhance existing working practices

  • Detailed channel, swale, culvert, pipe and manhole design

  • Design soakaways and model integrated sustainable drainage systems, including infiltration/attenuation structures and flow controls

  • Easily import CAD/GIS data

  • Assess water quality with pollution estimates

  • Simulate and test for extreme rainfall events

  • Graphical flood flow modelling

  • Crossing and conflicts matrix, between drainage networks and utilities

  • Output plans, schedules and long sections

  • Automatic taking off and costings, for optimum economic design

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