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XPSTORM Stormwater and Floodplain Model

Advanced Stormwater and Floodplain Model.

Simulation of stormwater and flooding for flow analysis is a constantly changing world.  Traditionally, modelling was a "best guess" and relied heavily on assumptions made by the modeller.  XP Solutions believes in providing you with the system variables needed - and interactive GIS tools to find that data - to produce the most accurate results possible so that your constituents and the people you serve remain safe, and property protected.

xpstorm is a versatile software package for dynamic modelling of urban stormwater systems, river systems and floodplains including ponds, rivers, lakes, floodplains and interaction with groundwater. This combined 1-dimensional (for upstream to downstream flow) and 2-dimensional (for flow over land) software is widely used by private consultants and public agencies responsible for stormwater and flooding regulation. xpstorm is one of the most stable and well-accepted modelling and design packages in the world, and has been tested and approved for use by the United States FEMA and UK Environment Agency.

Use xpstorm for fully integrated hydrologic and hydraulic stormwater modelling, from cloud to ocean. This comprehensive software will allow you to model with confidence.


xpstorm is a comprehensive hydrologic and hydraulic modelling environment for stormwater systems and flood management. It is applied to a wide range of water resource management, design and emergency action planning issues every day by thousands of users.

Stormwater Management
Alameda County Flood Model
  • Stormwater master plan
  • Major/Minor or dual-drainage systems
  • Watershed master plans
  • Hydromodification
  • 1D/2D Urban flooding
  • Detention pond optimisation
  • Interconnected pond routing
  • WSUD and BMP design and analysis
Floodplain Management and River Systems
  • 1D/2D river hydraulic performance
  • Floodplain mapping and flood hazard analysis
  • Evacuation Route planning
  • Interior drainage (levee-protected areas) analysis
  • Culvert and bridge hydraulics
  • Fully coupled urban and river drainage systems

WHY xpstorm?

Integrated Stormwater Modelling. Combine comprehensive hydrology and hydraulics in the same model. Don’t jump between two or three different stormwater packages to build a complete stormwater model. xpstorm offers the tools to perform fully integrated system modelling, from rainfall to channels, pipes, streets, inlets, ponds, weirs, pumps, catchments, groundwater table, overland floodplains, rain gardens, infiltration trenches and more.

Model the Real World. You need a model that accurately reflects the physical realities of your drainage system. Fully linked 1D and 2D modelling allows you to see the true behavior of stormwater flow in natural and engineered systems. Minimize the need for approximations and “modeling tricks” by using xpstorm!

Advanced Design. Automatically identify flow choke points and let xpstorm design solutions (pipe sizes, slopes). Use automated Detention Pond Optimisation methods to configure storage. Fully dynamic hydraulic analysis will allow you to complete WSUD design to maximize the technical solution at lower costs.

Localisation. Your hydrology, your way. With over 15 hydrologic methods available and numerous ways to input real or synthetic rainfall data, xpstorm allows you to model the appropriate rainfall/runoff for your project in your region.

Easily Share Models. XP Solutions offers a free Reader of xpswmm models called xpviewer.  Users encrypt models with this add-on module so that others can view an un-editable model.

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