Water Management Tools


Water Distribution and Transmission Analysis Software.

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Simplified hydraulic model creation for high performance analyses and reporting.


xpwater, a new product line from XP Solutions, is a standalone water supply software package for civil engineers. It supports the user through the modeling process using an intuitive workflow and displays results that gives you the confidence to make intelligent decisions.

Simplified water distribution modeling software for fast and accurate analysis of system capacity:

  • Capital Improvement Projects.
  • Fire Flow Analysis.
  • Service Expansion Analysis.
  • Water Quality Analysis.
  • Source Tracing.
  • Maintenance question diagnosis.

WHY xpwater?

View Multiple Results in a Single Visualization. Once your model is built, you spend most of your hydraulic modeling time making changes, comparing results, and making further adjustments. xpwater streamlines your work by allowing you to easily view multiple scenario results in one visualization. Vary any physical object, any operational control and any selection, and see the effects it has compared to other variations with the click of a button.

Easily Share Any Data. Previously available models have provided a barrier to the hydraulic modeler: they either required a particular GIS format or license for data exchange, or they required you to manually enter system data. xpwater is the first platform to provide significant geospacial support. The platform provides a wide selection of formats as both import and export options, including Excel, Access, text, embedded database files, server database connections, and GIS platforms -- without requiring a GIS license. xpwater's built-in database uses an open source format which means you don't have to own ANY other software program to use or share the data.

Smart Controls.  Water distribution systems are almost exclusively operated by a variety of pumps and controls in order to guarantee water freshness, produce sufficient pressures and provide ample supply. xpwater's Control Logic interface makes the assignment of rules easily manageable. 

Clean, Modern Interface. Modeling can be a complicated endeavor, but your modeling software doesn't have to be. The intuitive interface of xpwater provides for typical workflows to guide you through your processes.  Windows are dockable and pinnable, allowing for both a simplified interface as well as a customizeable user experience.

xpwater delivers the tools, visualizations and support your need to work quickly and confidently:

  • Import/Export from nearly any format.

  • Automate Fire Flow Analyses.

  • Perform source tracing.

  • Perform water age analyses.

  • Perform constituent transport analyses.

  • View dynamic data in 2D and 3D data frames.

  • Handle multiple scnearios in one project file.

  • Review mutliple scenarios at the same time.

  • View and manae GIS data in all major open and proprietary formats.

  • View and manage CAD and background image data.

  • View and edit GIS projections inside one project.

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