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Power forward into 3D visualization


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Visualize Data

Model data with striking clarity in every dimension. With Voxler’s extensive 3D modeling tools, it is easy to visualize multi-component data for geologic and geophysical models, contamination plumes, LiDAR point cloud, borehole models, or ore body deposit models. Distinguish areas of interest, highlight important information, and easily communicate your newfound knowledge to stakeholders in three dimensions.

Analyze Data

Explore the depths of your data. A wealth of information at your fingertips waiting to be discovered. View your Voxler model from any angle to pinpoint anomalies and discern patterns and trends. Use Voxler’s extensive analysis tools to discover new business opportunities for you and your clients. Discover the value of your data with Voxler.

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Communicate Results

Communicate your results with confidence and ease. Voxler’s powerful modeling abilities facilitate complete and thorough understanding of data, regardless of complexity. Clearly communicate your message to clients, stakeholders, and coworkers with Voxler.

Trusted Solution

Voxler is an industry-trusted solution for many scientist and engineers across the globe. Experience Voxler for yourself and see why so many people trust Voxler to display their data.

Who should use Voxler

  • Environmental professionals analyzing groundwater and soil contaminant sites
  • Geoscientists studying 3D seismic and microsiesmic data
  • GIS professionals needing to display data in true 3D space
  • Geotechnicians modeling CPT or GPR data
  • Meteorologists compiling atmospheric studies
  • Biologists conducting organism sampling
  • Oceanologists evaluating water temperature, contaminants, and salinity surveys
  • Seismologists modeling velocity
  • Anyone viewing the distribution of 3D data
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We Are Here to Help

Expert advice and learning is a click away. We're here to help you through every stage of your project.


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Create 3D Models

Improve your understanding of three dimensional data. Voxler transforms your data into comprehensive models that ease decision making and communicate key information to stakeholders and clients. Have confidence your data is accurately represented with Voxler.

Voxler 3D Models
  • Borehole (well), straight or deviated
  • Surface
  • Point cloud
  • LiDAR
  • Contour
  • Block
  • Streamline
  • Vector

Enhance Models

Present your data at its best with Voxler’s numerous customization options. Control every aspect of your model down to the smallest details so you can convey complex ideas in an easy to understand manner.

Voxler Customization Options
  • Titles, axes, scale bars
  • Legends, profiles, cross sections
  • Edit all axis parameters, include multiple axes
  • Combine multiple models
  • Slice models at any angle
  • Insert clip planes and bounding boxes
  • Full control over opacity, lighting, and texture options
  • Edit text, line, fill and symbol properties
  • Add text, polylines, polygons, symbols, and spline polylines
  • Include georeferenced images
  • Many more…
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Grid Data with Certainty

Have complete confidence in the accuracy of your model. Voxler will produce a uniform 3D lattice from your regularly or irregularly spaced 3D data. Dive into the details of the data with metric calculations including data order statistics (minimum, lower quartile, median, upper quartile, maximum, range, midrange, inter-quartile range), moment statistics (mean, standard deviation, variance, coefficient of variation, sum), other statistics (root mean square, median absolute deviation), and location statistics (count, density, nearest distance, farthest distance, median distance, average distance).

Voxler Interpolation Features
  • Gridding methods: Inverse Distance and Local Polynomial
  • Filter, exclude data
  • Perform mathematical operations on lattice
  • Transform, merge, resample lattice
  • Extract a subset or slice of lattice

Complete Compatibility

Seamlessly visualize and analyze data from multiple sources. Voxler natively reads numerous file formats, including AutoCad DXF and LiDAR LAS. Voxler also supports all popular export formats. Voxler streamlines your modeling workflows.

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Collaborate with Confidence

Quickly share models with stakeholders, clients, and colleagues. Models are ready for printed publication with high quality formats like PDF or TIFF, or share your work online by exporting them into PNG or SVG formats. It is easy to insert diagrams into presentation tools such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint with a simple copy and paste, or for a more dynamic view, capture a video with Voxler’s built-in video tool.

Streamlined Workflows

Take the guesswork out of learning a new program. With the assistance of Voxler’s intuitive user interface, quickly create insightful models and visualizations.

Voxler User Interface Features
  • Single window to view, edit, and manipulate the data and models
  • Network manager to easily manage modules
  • Property manager for quick feature editing
  • Worksheet window to view or edit raw data
  • Dock or float all managers
  • Customize toolbar layout
  • Welcome dialog to get you started
  • Customize practically all aspects of the user interface to fit your needs
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Work Smart, Not Hard with Automation

Don’t waste time doing the same process over and over. Create scripts to automate recurring tasks. Voxler can be called from any automation-compatible programming languages such as C++, Python, or Perl. Voxler also ships with Scripter, a built-in Visual Basic compatible scripting tool.