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Introducing SVSOILS™

SVSOILS™ is the world’s premier product for estimating the hydraulic properties for flow modeling in unsaturated soils. Our database contains data on over 6,200 soil-water characteristic curves and provides numerous theoretical methods of estimating the soil-water characteristic curve (SWCC) or unsaturated hydraulic conductivity curve.


This completely new release represents a fresh re-design of the classic and popular SoilVision® application. SVSOILS™ contains an expanded database of unsaturated soil properties and presents a new and simplified interface for a greatly improved and pleasing user experience.

The software is designed specifically for the estimation and mathematical representation of soil constitutive models for subsequent numerical modeling.

Saturated and unsaturated soil properties may be estimated based on the extensive existing database or estimated with one of the many estimation methods present in the software. The database continues to grow as more organizations donate soils to the system. The estimation methods include: 9 methods of estimating the soil-water characteristic curve; 15 methods of estimating saturated hydraulic conductivity; and 10 methods of estimating unsaturated hydraulic conductivity.

Key features and enhancements of SVSOILS™

  • Premier and unique product for the estimation of unsaturated soils behavior in seepage modeling

  • Searchable database of over 40,000 soils with over 50% containing a minimum of a soil-water characteristic curve. Estimation of unsaturated soil properties through data mining.

  • Management of modeling constitutive data for saturated/unsaturated flow, shear strength, compressibility, consolidation, thermal, pore-air flow and fate and transport material properties

  • gINT borehole material import

  • Theoretical estimations of:

    • soil-water characteristic curve by nine methods

    • saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivities

    • the Fredlund & Wilson provides a reliable method to estimate the soil-water characteristic curve for sands, silts, and clays

    • saturated hydraulic conductivity by 15 methods

    • unsaturated hydraulic conductivity by 10 methods

    • thermal soil properties

    • consolidation modeling parameters

  • Calculate volume-mass properties of an air-water-soil mixture using any three measured properties

  • Redesigned simple user interface: Increased workflow efficiency with powerful data mining/searching capabilities

  • Import unsaturated constitutive models directly into SVFLUX™ for unsaturated seepage modeling

  • Automatic soil classification

    • Estimation of constitutive behavior of soils with high volume change characteristics. Constitutive model considering normal stress and suctions developed.
    • Calculate independent volume-mass properties of an oil-sand material including bitumen
    • Powerful data mining/searching capabilities
    • Estimate oil-sand tailings constitutive properties
    • Database of over 50 oil-sand tailings materials
    • Zapata database of over 35,000 unsaturated soils from across the United States. Searchable by geo-location (GIS).


The new design is more tightly integrated with the SVOFFICE™5 suite of software and developed constitutive models may easily be integrated with the corresponding numerical analysis software package.

A new feature of SVSOILS™ is the ability to develop a consitutive model for oil-sand tailings as a saturated or unsaturated material.

SoilVision Systems Ltd. has spent years collecting high-quality unsaturated soil data from sources all over the world. Our database now contains data on over 6,200 soil samples. 98% of these soil samples have a soil-water characteristic curve measured in a laboratory. The soil database also contains saturated permeability (hydraulic conductivity) data on over 2,500 soils as well as unsaturated permeability data on over 700 soils.

It is crucial to have an accurate description of unsaturated soil properties when performing finite element modeling of water and contaminant flow through the unsaturated soil zone. Methods for estimating unsaturated soil properties may not always be reliable. The use of the database contained in the SVSOILS™ software can confirm the potential variability of your unsaturated soil properties. Groups of soils may be selected and plotted together to give a comprehensive idea of the variability of the soil-water characteristic curve. Determination of the air entry value (AEV) or the residual water content with increased accuracy is now possible.


General Applications:

  • Estimation of field capacity and capillary rise based on grainsize information

  • Estimation of soil-water characteristic curves

  • Estimation of saturated hydraulic conductivity curves

  • Estimation of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity curves

Seepage Applications:

  • Estimation of unsaturated hydraulic soil properties for seepage finite element modeling

  • Easily push data to SVFLUX™ to perform your seepage analysis