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HM-1 Weather Station

Professional Weather System


The HM-1 HAZMAT weather station is designed for first responders to hazardous material incidents. The weather station provides important real-time information for monitoring and responding to incidents. The station works in conjunction with CAMEO/ALOHA software that enables responders to monitor plume dispersion. CAMEO was developed by Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office (CEPPO) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Response and Restoration (NOAA). The software was developed for front-line chemical emergency planners and responders. CAMEO helps in evaluating and predicting dispersion patterns. The portable nature of the HM-1 and its long range radio allows responders to monitor the situation in real-time and from a safe distance.

A robust, high strength Windsonic sensor is available for upgrade.

Product Features

Rapid Deployment:

The HM-1 is packed in a single heavy duty transport case. The case contains the tripod, sensor assembly, display and battery chargers. The sensor assembly fits into the case as a single unit and does not require any assembly. The display is housed in its own self contained case that fits into the main transport case. The tripod has twist-locking connections and does not require any tools. It takes less than 2 minutes to get the system setup and operational.

Electronic Compass:

The sensor assembly contains an internal electronic compass that ensures that the reported wind direction is accurate regardless of the assembly's orientation.

Battery Operated:

The weather station sensor assembly is powered from four alkaline D cells. For fixed installations extension cables are available for permanently connecting power. The display also contains re-chargeable lead-acid batteries. In addition, it can be powered from 12 Volts DC or 110 VAC (with the transformer provided). This allows the display to be permanently installed in a vehicle or control room.

Spread Spectrum Radios:

FCC approved 900 MHz spread-spectrum radios are used to ensure quality interference free reception between the station and display even at ranges of up to 7 miles. Ranges in excess of a 1/4 mile require clear line of sight.

Computer Interface:

Integrated serial interface that is compatible with CAMEO/ALOHA. This industry standard software suite was developed by the EPA and NOAA specifically for hazmat teams. It is free software and available here Download

Radiation Detector:

The sensor assembly includes a nuclear radiation detector for early warning and general monitoring of radiation levels. The display shows both the current level in REMs and total exposure in REM hours. Note: This sensor is designed to function as an early warning and does not replace hand held Geiger counters.


The HM-1 has all the standard wind speed, wind direct and temperature sensors required by CAMEO/ALOHA. In addition, the display reports barometric pressure, relative humidity, dew point, heat index and nuclear radiation.

LED Display:

The display uses seven segment LED display for reporting parameters. These displays have the advantage over LCD displays in that they are bright and easily readable at a distance even in low light conditions. They also do not suffer from the limited viewing angle that is common with LCD displays.

Multiple Units / Multiple Displays:

Sensors may be coded so that one site can use multiple systems without the chance of interference. Alternatively one HSA-1 sensor assembly can be used with multiple RDI-1 displays.

Rugged Construction:

The sensor assembly is constructed of durable polyvinyl chloride, fibreglass and aluminum. These materials are non-corrosive and non-sparking. The wind sensor is made from durable Lexan™/ABS and is strong enough to be permanently attached to the sensor assembly. This makes setup and take down quick and easy. The display is built into a durable plastic carry case that simply closes when not in use and requires no other packaging.


Hazmat weather stations have traditionally been an expensive investment for first responders. With decreasing budgets and increasing responsibilities we see the need for an affordable unit. This resulted in the creation of the HM-1 with all the features but without the cost.

Product Support

Documentation & Downloads

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