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MK-III Weather Station

Professional Weather System


The MK-III weather station is available in a number of different configurations. Each item is sold separately to allow you to choose the items that best fit your needs. This guide will help you select the components you need.

Long Range MK-III-LR vs MK-III

The new long range MK-III-LR adds two new features to the original MK-III, range and update rate. The MK-III-LR extends the range of the MK-III from 400 feet to 1 mile line of site. The MK-II-LR may be necessary for applications where distances exceed 400 feet or where the signal needs to travel through mediums that absorb significant amounts of RF energy. Metal roofs and reinforced concrete are typical examples.

Both the MK-III and the MK-III-LR have 2 second update rates. The MK-III's data lags by 30 seconds. Data is transmitted every 30 seconds from sensor assembly. It is then unpacked by the receiving device and displayed in 2 seconds updates. The MK-III-LR transmits data every 2 seconds. The receiving devices are therefore able to display near real-time data. It is important to note that the MK-III will not miss any wind gusts, the peaks are still captured. They are just delayed by 30 seconds.

The MK-III sensor assembly has been designed to offer improved durability and serviceability. This sleek new design is 33 inches high and weighs just over 7 pounds. It is the most accurate, durable and easiest to install weather station available.

The long range MK-III-LR features a powerful new 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio that increases range to 1 mile line of sight. It also features an industry best , real time 2 second wind speed and direction update interval.

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MK-III Sensor assembly with integrated rain gauge. This is our most popular choice and features a rain collector attached to the main sensor assembly.

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MK-III Sensor assembly with remote rain gauge. This is model has a remote rain collector that can be mounted at ground level. This is a popular choice for locations that require regular cleaning of the collector. Leaves can clog the collector and must be removed to ensure accurate operation.

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MK-III Sensor assembly without rain gauge. This model does not have a rain collector.

Product Features

  • The solar charged battery supply is guaranteed to provide continues operation below 60 degrees latitude. The MK III will operate for at least 60 days without sun.
  • Since there is no connection between the sensors and the power line, damage from thunderstorms is virtually eliminated and the sensors are immune to power line voltage surges.
  • The initial sensor calibrations for wind, temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • The passive solar shield for the temperature and humidity sensors are modeled after the ones designed by the National Weather Service.All materials used in the sensor assembly and weather instruments have been chosen for their durability and resistance to weathering and corrosion.
  • All of our weather station hardware is stainless steel. The station is fabricated from fiberglass and structural PVC and is ultra-violet inhibited. The optional Mono Mount is made from powder coated steel and is supplied with bolts for mounting.

Product Support

Documentation & Downloads

Most often, your support inquiry can be resolved by consulting our extensive collection of product documentation and/or software downloads. Please review the set of available documentation and/or downloads available for this product below:

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