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Wireless Rain Gauge


This gauge design eliminates the normal wire connection from the rain gauge to the indoor display. The battery operated transmitter operates up to 300 feet away. Just locate the gauge in an open area and read the rainfall amount on the indoor display. The 8" diameter collector meets NWS specifications for statistical accuracy. Every time the bucket tips, a count is transmitted to the indoor display and the gauge empties. You never have to empty the gauge. Each tip of the bucket shows one hundredth of an inch on the indoor display.

Product Features

  • 300 ft* Wireless Range.
  • Battery Operated.
  • Meets NWS specifications.

The RAINEW WIRELESS rain gauge requires two "AA" batteries for the Transmitter, 3 "AA" cells and a alkaline button battery (included) for the LCD receiver/display. The electronics and enclosure were redesigned and improved for Spring 2007. The RAINEW collector has a lifetime guarantee. The transmitter, receiver, counters and switches are guaranteed for a year. Both recorders have a keyhole slot in the back for wall mounting.

* Specified range based based on unobstructed line of sight. Typical range through one wall is usually 100' to 200'.

Documentation & Downloads

  Manual: Rainew Metric

  Info: Spec & Data

  Info: Troubleshooting \'No Rainfall Data\'

  Info: Rain Gauge Flyer

  Info: Rain Gauge Brouchure

  Info: Rainew Wireless

Additional Wireless Display

When one display isn't enough

Add this dual counter display for your wireless rain gauge to achieve the convenience and added benefit of dual displays.

  • Requires alkaline battery (included).

The dual displays allow you to track both individual events and keep an annual running total. The dual counter requires 3 "AA" alkaline batteries and two button cell batteries. The button cell batteries are included and will last for several years.

Documentation & Downloads

  Manual: Rainew Wireless (English)